How a friend I assisted with getting a job and relocating to the U.S., accused me of being behind her woes

A lady has revealed how a friend she assisted with getting a job and relocating to the U.S accused her of being behind her woes.

She said this her friend came to her for help and that she needed a job so she helped her with a nanny job in the U.S since she has a valid visa.

She could not pay for the ticket, so she helped with the money fro ticket and asked her to pay back once she starts working. Not quite long after getting their, she was deported for reasons known to her and on her return she went to pick her and comforted her. She stayed in her house that day and went to her house the following day.

When she got home, she was no longer communicating her friend, she send her several messages but they were not replied, so she find a means of reaching out to her and she replied with a voice note that she was the one behind her woes as she was not happy with her that was why she was deported.

Years later her sister reached out to her and apologized on her behalf and told her about her deplorable state of life and that she has contemplated s#icide a couple of times. Upon their plead, she accepted her back and she was staying with her.

Now again she came up with another funny attitude but this one was more painful than the first. She came home hungry and found her cooking and she told her to give her some to taste as the food was not yet done. She declined her request and began giving her attitude till the following day. She decided to confront her the following morning and she was saying all sort of things and now she has left her house but she want Nigerians to advise her because she wanted to send her a message l@mbasting her.

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