How i came back to life after my prayerful personal assistant poi§oned my food and drink in my house and left me to di£ — Lady shares her testimony

A lady has shared her testimony of how she came back to life after her prayerful personal assistant poi§oned her food and drink in her house and left her to di£.

She said she needed a personal assistant and she put it on her status. Some people applied and finally settled for a guy who usually prays for her and followed almost all her post until recently.

She said on this faithful day, she called him to pick two script for  her . So when he came, she was eating and she quickly had to attend to her dogs so they don’t att@ck her neighbors. When she returned, she gave him the scripts and he left.

The last thing she remembered was that she lay on her bed and slept, but she never suspect any foul play because she a sick before. Her friend said she made a call him that she needed his help, he said he didn’t know her house was knew the estate she was living. He called repeatedly but no response.

He tried and located her house by showing her picture around in the estate , but finally saw her car. He carried her in her unconsciousness, poured water on her before heading to the hospital, where he was told she is d#e but he refuse to agree.

He carried her to a herbalist who said she was poi§ion but her spirit was strong to f#ght . He did somethings and told her friend to carry her home. So he took her to a hotel. About an hour time, she came around and was vomiting.

The summary of the story was that she is alive and fine now. Now the guy has being messaging her asking for her forgiveness.





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