I caught my husband watching a gay movie. He hasn’t ’worked out’ with me in our 1 year of marriage — Heartbroken lady

A Heartbroken lady has revealed that she caught her husband watching a gay movie. He hasn’t ’worked out’ with her in their 1 year of marriage.

She said she is 27 years old and got married to her husband who is 34 last year and it was a marriage she prayed for to happen because she loved him.

Dee loves her too and he sacrificed a lot for her happiness when they  were dating. He is a church guy, that’s why she agreed to marry him. They practiced no s£× before marriage. He joined her church and they met and liked each other. Our pastor blessed the marriage.

On the night of our wedding, she was all ready for him to touch him but he told her to relax. She went to bed with her phone trying to reply to messages as she waited for him.

As she was pressing her phone, She heard her husband mo@ning like one who was making out. He was sitting on the couch watching a movie on his laptop. She looked in his direction so she could know what was happening and found out her  husband was mast¥rbating. She went closer to his position and he
was watching p%rn, gay p%rn.

She was shocked but she didn’t make him feel like it was bad. She jokingly told him that he should focus on her but he rejected her advances and that felt like the beginning of the end for our marriage. After 3
weeks in she asked him what the problem is, her husband said he enjoys watching p%rn more than making love to a woman. She asked him why he married her and he said “So the world won’t question his sexuality.” Her husband opened up to her that he has never made love to any woman in his life and he would rather be with a man but was too afraid to make that move so he reverts to p%rn instead.

She became speechless and weak. One day, he went out and bought her t%ys to use on herself whenever she needed someone inside her, or she could go outside and get to from one particular guy. He promised to pay her a huge monthly allowance which he has begun in exchange for her silence or if she defy him he will ruin her and her  family.

The thing is because Dee is very wealthy he took care of not only her during courtship by her entire family, established a business for her parents, put her siblings in very good and expensive schools, and upgraded their entire lives including their family home.

The thought of paying him back financially is not even possible as they can’t afford it as a family. It’s been a year and she s¥ffering as she feel too guilty to ch£at as well and can’t leave because her family is
so stuck in a s£xless marriage.

It’s so bad people have begun to notice she unhappy and kept asking her but she is trying to protect the image of her husband. She is  craving intim@cy but afraid of going outside of her marriage even
though her husband has given her permission, as well she is unable to leave at least not yet, what can she do? How can she survive? Please what should she do?


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