They prioritize juju more than the safety of their actors and crew members. Your favorite actors, movie producers r+p£ minørs — Lady who quit acting exposes the rot in the Asaba Nollywood movie industry

A lady who quit acting exposes the rot in the Asaba Nollywood movie industry.

She said if you have worked in Asaba film sets you would know how they Ignorantly do dare d£vil scenes without any safety measures. This was the reason she had to quit there cause it messed up with her m£ntal health and instead of her to continue complaining, she  rather leave

It’s cause this particular scene caused the diath of a popular person that’s why awareness is being thrown out. Let me give you instances of dared vil scenes done in Asaba. Using REAL LIFE Anaconda snake to do scene to portray Ogbanje and they tell you that they have juju controlling the snake, then
they tell the upcomer actress to enter river with the snake knowing that it’s a wild animal that can flip and k#ll that actor.

Sometimes they bring p%¡sonous cobras and claim juju would make it not to bit€. Another d’aredevil scenes they do is “fir€ scene”, the way they do it ehn, if you see it you would panic! Mind you no fir£ extinguisher, If you are telling them that safety should be priority, they would alienate you like you are the fo’ol whereas all them d’umbasses are the wise ones.

Another d’ared£vil scenes they do is we@pon fight, this people legit like to prove points and do Sina Rambo and Zubby Michael. Especially the upcomers, they legit h#t themselves real hard with real bottles, sometimes people ble£d on set and they laugh about it cause, treatment is taken and they get
away with some of it.

Another d’ared£vil scenes is “River scenes in unsurveyed area” Like any river na river.. what they do is just to go call a juju person that would give them a go ahead she remember one time she was talking about random wide animals in the river side and how someone with g¥n (a well experienced security) should be around, they took it as too much talk that would incure expenses she walked out of that set! cause it was disg¥sting.

Juju is the safety method they take there Many upcomers we don’t know about have lost their lives in Asaba but was covered because they are not known

Another thing that would come to light soon is how they r+pe upcoming underage actress in the industry. Even popular actors, producers, directors that are your fave do this its until someone whose head isn’t sm@ll d#es in the process, awareness would come out on that aspect too.



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