Days after he was declared missing, man recounts his ordeal after he was abducted from Lagos to Ogun State

Days after he was declared missing, a man has recounted his ordeal after he was abducted from Lagos to Ogun State.

He said on Wednesday afternoon, he left his house to get materials for work at Mushin. When he got to Oshodi, he decided to go to Ikeja first to fix his phone’s charging port issue which he has been procrastinating to repair for a while,

He board a bus (korope) at oshodi going to ikeja people were also in the bus but few minutes later he noticed he was weak. He thought he was hungry because he had not eaten all day. That was the end.

Next thing he woke up tide and covered with a cloth covering his face, he heard people’s voices around, he did not know how many people were there with him because his face was covered. They were taken one by one to another room where they had access to their phones and we were taken back to the initial room.

He didn’t have any idea he was gone for this long because his face was covered throughout the time he was abd¥cted. He also didn’t have any idea what time was.

He stopped the first person he saw and he help him and told him he was in Ogun state. This man helped him find his way to Lagos and he entered a bus going to oshodi. A stranger helped him to pay for his transport and gave him some money too because he explained everything to him.

He made a call too to a number he could remember but it didn’t go through. He slept through out the journey and when he got to Oshodi he knew he was safe already. He entered a bus to go Ikorodu and
dropped at Agric where he got something to eat out of the money the stranger gave him. He took a bike home and got home around 12am.


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