PH-based man recounts his heartbr£aking experience with police officers who allegedly kidn@pped, accused him of having a pi§tol in his car, and extorted N125k from him

He claims that ever since he was abd¥cted on Friday by members of the Nigerian police, he has been tr@umatized and in shock. A group of police officers conducting a stop and search on the flyover stopped him and ordered him to exit his car, which he did. They then demanded to see what was in his car’s trunk, which he complied with. He claimed that he had gone out to get fuel near Mercy Land Junction and East West Road (PH), and that he then used the Obirikwere flyover to turn and head toward NTA Road.

He added that he offered his ID card to demonstrate that he worked for a pharmaceutical company and had the legal right to possess dr¥gs (Nafdac registered dr¥gs, OTC dr¥gs), but they were still unsatisfied and wanted to search his car as well. He reminded them that this had to be done one at a time because he had been the victim of police officers planting things in cars. This made them uneasy and they turned to him and began sh%uting at him, calling him a yahoo boy and a crim#nal.

Some cars passed by and saw all of this, but no one wanted to come to my rescue as they drove off with him. He claimed that he had been sl@pped and that, before he knew what was happening, he was in c#ffs and p#shed into the back seat of his car.

However, they continued on towards Rumuokoro and then to Eliozu while claiming that he would meet them at their station unless he paid them. They then took his phone, forced him to unlock it, and began searching through it. They looked through all of his social media pages, his alerts, and everything else. They then put his phone in airplane mode and demanded that he transfer them a million naira.

He explained to them that his main account had no ATM, app, or other way to withdraw money besides the banking hall. This all began around 7 o’clock, and he was driven all over Port Harcourt, even to Akpajio, where they hailed some of their coworkers before accusing him of being a crim#nal because they had discovered a g+n in his boot.

He had 126k in cash in his car, but they took it after realizing he couldn’t make the transfer in any way. He was then told to celebrate Thanksgiving because otherwise they would have wasted him. He claimed he was abandoned there around two in the morning and had to make his own way home after that in sh%ck and disb£lief.



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