Man who trained his wife in school and placed her siblings on monthly salary, left heartbroken after discovering he isn’t the biological father of their kids

A man has shared how his wife who he trained in school and placed her siblings on monthly salary has left him heart broken after discovering his not the biological father of their kids.

He said, he was from the family of seven( three girls and two boys). As the first child of the family, he was advised to marry because is father married late and was 74years of age, he was 25 years then.

So he took his time and married his wife, when he was 27 his wife was 23. He took the responsibility of her education from where her parent stop and open a business for her that made her a millionaire. He also placed her siblings on monthly salary.

In 2020, because of the lockdown, he was working from home and had more time for his family. They spend this time on vacations and travels. On a visit to a town as suggested by the wife, they logged in an hotel and after their children were asleep, him and his wife decided to visit a shawarma joint. As they were about leaving, a host at the joint gave him a note and the put it in his pocket not knowing what was there.

When he got home, he remembered and read the note warming to use condom with his wife, so he initially assumed the guy thought maybe he carried a random girl and was just playing nice because of the tip he gave him but on the second thought, he felt their could be more to it.

So, he told a friend, who advised him to check back at the joint for the host who gave him the note, but unfortunately the guy was not working there again. He returned home and made up his mind to investigate the matter.

He started by checking her WhatsApp messages and upon his discovery, he confronted the wife, who explained all her escapades to him. He was heartbroken and after sometime the wound was healing as the wife also kept apologizing daily.

The worst happened after he took to his friend’s advise of doing DNA for their two son. He was shock to discover he was not their father. The discovery has reck his life and family, with is aged father suffering stroke from the news. The wife also absconded with the two kid.  But thank goodness, he is now back on his feet.

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