In statement issued today in Abuja, the PDP Senator urged Gov. Fayose “to stop the needless mudslinging against Aisha Buhari.” He likened Fayose’s attempt to link Aisha with the Halliburton scandal as a “needless distraction and an amateurish shadow-boxing.
His action could be taken for a drowning man clutching at a straw”. The statement reads in part, “It is interesting that Fayose is talking about the rule of law. When he trampled on other people’s rights in a bid to abrogate their tenure in office where was the Rule of Law? 

Now he is crying out because he is afraid he might have to get a taste of his own medicine because a man must certainly reap whatever he sows. Fayose is talking about the fact that he enjoys immunity under the law. You cannot say because immunity covers you, you should not be investigated if you are suspected to have benefitted from the funds that were meant to buy arms for the protection of Nigerians.

Fayose must stop chasing shadows and address the allegations against him. Nigerians can now see that what is playing out is a confirmation of my earlier position that the loudest among us are not necessarily the most pious.

The reality that Fayose must come to terms with is that the allegations against him are too grave to be sidelined for a seemingly spurious allegation against the wife of the president.

Months of workers’ salaries are yet to be paid in Ekiti State; development partners have abandoned state, just as families are languishing as a result of his ill-advised political scheming.

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This current campaign of calumny and juvenile tantrums cannot sweep the issue of corruption under the carpet; neither can it kick enough dirt to make any right-thinking Nigerian to shut his or her eyes to the truth. This is not about party affiliation or dog eating dog.

It is about the plundering of our commonwealth and there should be no sacred cows in the fight against corruption. This is a fight that all patriotic Nigerians should lend their weight without any primordial sentiments or prejudice.”…. abeg I no wan talk too much….


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