Samson Ugbusun, a 28-year-old bricklayer and notorious burglar, has been arrested the police in Benin, Edo state, after he made love overtures to the daughter of one of his victims. He had stolen two mobile phones from his victims after breaking into their homes at Etete, Edo State.

After the successful operation, he called a number belonging to the daughter of one of his victim and invited her to spend the night at his apartment. The girl all fell to the Samson’s amorous overtures, visited him and spent a night with him in his apartment. 

Samson was nabbed after the girl revealed his whereabouts to her mother. Speaking to newsmen, Samson said: “I stole handsets at Etete, through the window around 11pm. I removed the handset through the window of the house by tearing the net. This is my first time.

I saw her (victim’s daughter) number on the phone I stole. I called the girl and told her that I love her. She came and spent the night with me and went back to school. When she came to my place, she told her mother my address and everything; that was how they got me.”…. I don’t think I can ever love again after ds betrayal….

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