“Don’t Stop” by Olamide, has been banned by NBC because it’s loaded with vulgar lyrics which contravenes section 3.6.1 of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code. All broadcasting stations in the country have been directed to place it on the Not To Be Broadcast ( NTBB ) list. This is coming months after his song “Bobo” was also blacklisted.

According to NBC, the phrases in the this new song that led to the ban include: “I just wanna hit it now now now,” “Je kin wo be ( meaning: let me enter the place ),” “don’t stop, take it,” “Oun tami oun ro mi ( a phrase used for moaning sounds usually made by some females during intense sexual intercourse ),” “It took your mama 9 months to make it,” “wa gba ponron ( meaning: come and collect d*ck ).”… regardless of its discouraging size….

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