Things went horribly wrong for a U.S couple, Dwayne Williams, 41, and Shakeia Long, 37, who allegedly used the street drug PCP and then began kissing, when, inexplicably, Long bit off a sizable chunk of Williams’ tongue.

Williams grabbed the piece of his tongue that had been bitten off and ran from the apartment onto the Street, where he flagged down a Hartford police officer. He tried to talk to tell the officer what had happened, but was having a hard time. 

“She bit off my tongue” was about all the officer could make out. He was taken to nearby St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, where the detached piece of tongue was placed on ice. Efforts to reattach the tongue failed. 

Long talked to the police and admitted she smoked PCP with Willliams on the day in question. She stated she was not aware of his injuries or how they occurred. She was subsequently charged with first-degree assault…. Williams later revealed how a spirit had prompted him to settle for a kiss instead of a bj…..

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