Caleb Nzube, 26, used photoshop to come up with a picture of Mrs Tinu Abiola, the wife of late Chief MKO Abiola, carrying a human skull. He then posted it on his website, with a story that she was
caught while carrying out a ritual with the skull.mHe threatened to make the news go viral if Tinu doesn’t give him $5000.

A traumatized Mrs Abiola, petitioned the IG of police, Solomon Arase, and Caleb was arrested at Obosi, Anambra State. In a confessional interview, Caleb said:

“I started following Mrs Timu Alade Abiola on Twitter and I got her pictures. I felt she was a good catch and I decided to blackmail her. I used Photoshop to make it look like she was carrying a human skull. I designed a web page with a little gossip story on it that she was caught for ritual. I sent her the link and when she saw it I demanded she pays me $5000 or I will show it to the whole world.

One of her friends came in and begged that I shouldn’t do it and that they were ready to pay me $ 2000. I rejected the money, insisting that I must collect $5000. Later they discovered I was Igbo and they gave my number to an Igbo girl who started talking to me and I accepted their offer, what got me angry was that while we were still talking, they sent a fishing link that destroyed my website which I have been maintaining for more than 4 years.

That website had paid me little money I have used in sustaining myself. I told the Igbo girl about it and that if I don’t get the money before the end of the week I will show the web page to the whole world. She asked for my account, I gave it to her but before I knew what was happening, the police came and arrested me.

I don’t understand why she has to bring in the police; I told the girl that what I needed was for her to tell her madam to just pay me for my website they destroyed. In fact I regret all this, if I had known it will be this messy I would have not ventured into this. What I do is only dating. I just wanted to try my luck on this one.”… if God saves me 4rm ds, I’m going back into dating…..

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