Blake Brockington, 18, was voted as the first transgender homecoming king at East Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. The transgender youth activist, formerly a female, became open about his identity in his
second year in school.

He once said: “I never felt comfortable wearing female dresses. It didn’t make sense. I felt like a boy.” But his family didn’t take his transition well and he moved in with a foster family. He said: “My family feels like this is a decision I made. They think, ‘You’re already black, why would you want to draw more attention to yourself?’

But it’s not a decision. It is who I am. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Really hateful things were said on the Internet. It was hard. I saw how narrow-minded the world really is.”…. she allegedly got to heaven late last 9t n now resting in d bosom of d lord……

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