Lagos cabbie narrates how he r¥ined a Yahoo boy’s relationship with a white lady because of N50k

A Lagos cabbie has narrated how he r¥ined a Yahoo boy’s relationship with a white lady because of N50k.

He said he got an order to pick up  white woman from Island to Mainland. The trip was booked by her Nigerian boyfriend.

He called and said, “boss abeg, no follow her talk anything. She too dey ask questions and her mouth no dey stay on place”. He further said: “Another thing be say, you go find way delay her, because he told her say he dey house and he no dey, so e no go make sense if you carry her come and he is not there. l asked, “Where you come dey baba?” He replied, “Omo, I dey Island o, just delay her, I go sort you out, bro.”.
Immediately after he said the “sort” word, I knew I had work to do (to save a brother). He immediately pick up the woman and mind is business .

As they progress on the trip, she began engaging her with formalities, telling her about her country and asking him about his’. When she saw he took her bait, she went for the k+ll by saying, “I’m going to see my boyfriend, but he’s been acting up strangely.”. “Each time I call, he’s always home on his laptop, asked him so many times what he’s into and keep getting the same answer: “Tech”, “I’m confused, I feel he’s jobless because the house he’s living in, car he’s driving and laptop, I got them all for him”. “My money, my sweat. You’re a Nigerian, so please could you tell me who and what a Yahoo boy is?” “Look, I’m going to give you extra money if you tell me, because I need to be sure I’m not wasting my time.”. She bought a mint N1000 bundle of N50,000,”It’s all your please.

Without hiding his love for money, He told her what he knew about the Yahoo lifestyle and how she could tell if her man was into it.

She was satisfied with everything he said. Meanwhile, the guy kept calling in between the trip, and he assured him not to worry that everything was under control.

Her man was already in the house by the time they got to her destination. Love was in the air as they hugged, kissed, and laughed while the neighborhood watched in amazement. He paid the cabbie and topped it off with 500 Naira.He looked at him, all surprised, and he said, “Bros, I have your number, no

He smiled, bumped knuckles with him, and nodded. He was about to enter his car when the whitey halted him to wait as she gave him a parting hug. She called him this morning and told him he was right about everything, and she has ended her relationship with him. Not only was he a Yahoo boy, he was also chEating, according to her.



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