Iraq went viral in the past few days around the Arab world: showing a teenage boy lying down on his side, bleeding from his abdomen, and being taunted with homosexual slurs by his killer. .

Ahmad Majed Mutairi, 14, known as Hamoudi Mutairi on social media, was brutally killed last weekend because he had “feminine” looks, which made his sexuality under suspicion. .

According to some media reports, the teenager was on his way home at night, in Baghdad’s Yarmouk neighborhood, when his assailant attacked him with a knife, inflicting more than 7 stabs to his stomach while documenting all in a video, which later got posted on Facebook.

The killer can be heard in the video asking the boy “What is your name? Where is your house?” While Hamoudi was crying, answered him back “Ahmad, three blocks away”

The killer then asks him to name his boyfriend, but Hamoudi at this point confused and his voice fading asks, “What is this coming out of me?” Laughing the killer tells him “Your guts are out”

Hamoudi last words before he died were “I want my mother.” Hamoudi Mutairi was known as the king of Instagram between his friends and followers; he posted pictures challenging gender stereotypes in his society, with long hair and different filters.

One twitter user accused extremists of killing Hamoudi, saying they were the same killers of social media star Tara Fares who was assassinated two weeks ago in Baghdad.

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