But he worked hard and late. By late evening, he was done. Tired and spent, he craved a cold bottle of his favourite drink and a plate of nkwobi.

So, he drove down to Catalina’s Hangout, his preferred relaxation spot, with two other colleagues. Two cold drinks and a plate of nkwobi later, he was refreshed and ready to leave.

But the car had vanished from where he parked it. Everyone searched for it. No trace of the automobile.

“Sorry o, Oga. Shey you get correct comprehensive insurance sha?” He heard someone ask. Then it hit him: despite several entreaties from an FBN General Insurance sales agent to buy the company’s flexible and affordable AutoFlexi plan, he had never upgraded his motor insurance from the compulsory minimum cover required. He knew he was in trouble; an unplanned expense had come to roost…

Are you one of those who believe comprehensive auto insurance is for the big boys? Let’s introduce you to AutoFlexi, a simple, flexible and affordable auto insurance plan from FBNGeneral Insurance.

We also have interesting Home Insurance plans that fit your pocket. Whether you own the apartment or it is rented, we can provide cover for your home content so you never have to worry in case the unexpected happens. .

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