Remember when we would make unplanned visits to a friend’s house, and they wouldn’t be home? To be honest, it is even hard to recollect what we usually did when we did not meet them at home. There was no way to even let them know we were coming, but with the advent of mobile phones, it is now “sharp sharp”.
Guy, how far? You dey house? I dey! Okay, I dey show. No wahala! Just quick and easy like that.



Or still, imagine the days of having to walk into the bank to withdraw money, and you would spend hours in the queue waiting till it finally got to your turn for the cashier to attend to you. How did we ever survive those days? Lol. But now, you walk up to an ATM, and “sharp sharp” you receive your cash and be on your way.


With the world we live in these days and so many things being designed to make things quicker for us, you wonder, why hasn’t anyone ever thought of a way for us to get instant, or better still sharp sharp nutrition.
Well, “Thought” no more…J (Pun intended). With Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink, you get Sharp Sharp Nutrition.

Harnessing the great taste of chocolate, the goodness of milk and the energy of malt in one perfect blend, Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink takes away the hassles of having to prepare choco-based drink from scratch – no having to boil water, and then mix the individual ingredients in. With this, you have more time to do other fun and exciting things, while also getting “Sharp Sharp” nutrition from the supply of nutrients available in these ingredients. You have to admit it is a win-win situation, right?

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And to add to the excitement, Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink comes in two handy pack sizes of 315mL and 135mL, which means you can have it on the go, anywhere and anytime. What a wawu!
So now that you know about Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink and its awesome 3-in-1 mix of Chocolate, Milk Malt, what are you waiting for? Now Is Perfect to go buy your Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink today, and give your body the instant nourishment it deserves.

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