My ex-wife is running for her life – Actor Emeka Ike 

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follow link Emeka Ike has revealed his ex-wife, Emma, was blackmailed into leaving his house.He insinuates she left because she was scared for her life as some people habe attempted to take his life. 

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follow site He told Sunday Scoop, “This matter with my ex-wife is not an important issue. There are more important things I’m concerned with right now and I wouldn’t want to lose focus. . . A time is coming when I would set the records straight about what really transpired between us. There have been two attempts to kill me and both times, I escaped unscathed. That’s part of the reason my wife left; she is running for her life. 



I know that some people are blackmailing her and it is the same set of people that leaked the news of our divorce to the media. Even before I got to court with my lawyer on the day judgment was delivered, the news was already on the Internet that my marriage had been dissolved. 



But the good thing is that I know the people behind this and I will talk at the right time. If it is true that I’m violent, why did the jury which comprised women grant me custody of our four young children? That should tell you something is not right.”

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2 thoughts on “My ex-wife is running for her life – Actor Emeka Ike 

  1. whoever that is posting this does not have sense at all,What have this man done that u people can’t let him be. i believe that anywhere the wife is now, she must be regretting all her actions now because she was blackmailed and the same idiots are still the ones leaking all this nonsense online. Some useless persons are here saying what they don’t know,weather he is still a celebrity or not and am telling u today that he is still very much a celebrity n people still adore does not matter if u have seen him in a movie or not but is not the screen that makes one a celebrity, but what he is doing out there to help others. if he is bad, the court would have not given him custody of their four beautiful children to take care of them…instablog9ja stop selling yourself very cheap by this nonsense post.Thanks

  2. Chaiii…. this sure sounds like a group of “mad” people here. Very incoherent- ilogical- raw- abussive- I’ll mannered hostel prostitutes level of yarns. Na this kin people this woman dey miss with ??? Wow!!!
    U just wanna sell this ur BLACKMAILERS DUMMY??? HE SAID IT. cheap BLACKMAILERS … WAWU children like emma. Na No papa cause am. Home training dey miss for una generation. You will shed blood when u see the BLACKMAILEDS NEW MOVES…( Nwachinemere )… shame on u Paid BLACKMAILERS kobo kobo

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